Teleport 3D Live



Teleport 3D Live is integrated on your Website through a chat link.Once the user clicks on the chat link, she is given a time slot for the video chat. During that time slot the visitor connects using the mailed chat id and is face to face with the video chat sales representative

The video chat also has text chat for exchange of textual information.The sales agent keeps on typing in the text chat to rule out ambiguities in understanding.

The Sales Representative explains about the product using 3D Models and Animations, Media Library, Live Videos and can collect feedback through Web Form.The entire chat session can be recorded for further analysis and followup actions.


Live gives you the freedom to teleport your customer real time to various locations and situations by integrating CCTV and  Live camera feeds.

So you can take a customer inside a car showroom and give a demo or take a prospective home buyer live to your project construction site.

It is plain amazing and so very effective

Close the deal

Give customers a reason to do business with you by being transparent and exhaustive in approach by use of Teleport 3D.

You help your customer takes an in informed decision...not plain sales but intelligent sales